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 China¡¯s Geothermal Development Report (2018 ) Released
China Power News- On August 30, it¡¯s released from Ministry of Natural Resources that at the recent 2018 High Level Forum on Energy Transmission, China Geological Survey of Ministry of Natural Resources , joined by National Energy Administration and Renewable Energy Department, released 2018 China¡¯s Geothermal Development Report White Paper.
Grounded on national conditions and geothermal resource distribution, the report calls on integrating into development of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei area, Yangtze River Delta Economic Area and ¡°One Belt and One Road¡± Initiative to keep an eye on quality development of geothermal industrial chain by facing the future, modernization and market. The Forum also suggested on how to promote quality development of China¡¯s geothermal energy, including knowing overall resources in China, conquering key technologies concerning geothermal exploration, development and utilization, building geothermal demonstration areas, issuing favorable polices supporting quality geothermal development as well as perfecting regulation systems and mechanisms for geothermal development. Among these, building geothermal demonstration areas means those in Xiong¡¯an New Area and Beijing sub-center.
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