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 Future “Black Horse” in Renewable Energies-Geothermal Energy

Xinhua News Agency June 13-geothermal resource is the exploitable geothermal energy, geothermal fluid and their useful ingredient buried in the crust under modern economic and technological conditions. It’s a clean energy. Compared with traditional fossil fuels like coal, oil and natural gas, geothermal energy is renewable, environment friendly and has a large reserve.

When interviewed by Xinhua News Agency, Duo Ji, the geological expert and Academician from Chinese Academy of Engineering, said that China is extremely rich in geothermal resources which is composed of high and low temperature resources. The high temperature resource lies in Southwest China and coastal area in East China, while the low and middle temperature resource is distributed all over China, especially in Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei area, Weihe Basin in Shaanxi. They are of great potential.
Yangbajain geothermal field, built in 1970s, is a demonstration base of geothermal power generation in China. It’s now the power plant that has the largest installed capacity, highest water temperature and largest water volume, which is of significance to power industry in Tibet. As an architect of this legend, Duo Ji has devoted decades of his life here to development and application of this geothermal field.
In Duo Ji’s eyes, geothermal is the most advantageous among all renewable energies. It’s clean, secure and renewable, more importantly, it’s rather stable when compared with solar and wind energies. “In more than 8000 hours of four seasons that in a year, geothermal energy can be utilized continuously except for equipment maintenance so that it’s the most stable renewable energy. With technologies ever upgrading, geothermal energy will definitely play an important role in renewable energy utilization”.
Geothermal resource can be extensively used in industries like hot spring, heating, power generation, cooling, green farming, health care and tourism. In the meantime, rich minerals contained in the geothermal water can be extracted for other uses.
China has attached great importance to geothermal energy, however, people have less knowledge about it. Therefore, geothermal exploration is encountering difficulties. Duo Ji calls on people to learn geothermal energy, understand and support geothermal development so as to give full play to its advantages as a renewable energy.

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