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 The Deepest Scientific Well Completed in Asia at 7018 Meters
(Source: People¡¯s Daily)
Songke No.2 Well 7018 meters
Deepest well completed in Asia
Meeting the high international level
On May 26, a scientific drilling project in Songliao Basin, namely, Songke No. 2 Well was completed successfully in Anda City, Heilongjiang province. The completion of the well indicates researches on deep drilling and paleoclimate in the Cretaceous period have met the international standards.
Drilling of the well, started on April 13, 2014, has lasted for more than 4 years and is finally completed at the depth of 7018 meters, making it the deepest well in all continental drilling projects of Asian countries and after 22 years¡¯ establishment of ICDP. This project has yielded four major breakthroughs and progress in both geology and science and technology.
First is setting four world records in deep drilling and making two major breakthroughs. Four breakthroughs are longest 311mm core and other three longest cores with different diameters. It¡¯s the first time in the world to obtain a large diameter core. The project still uses anti-high temperature drilling technology which keep working under 241¡æ.
Second is discovering that deep down Liaosong Basin lies two promising clean and low carbon energies, shale gas and geothermal energy. The shale gas layer is discovered at 3350 meters with a depth of 102 meters, of which methane accounts for 86%. At 4400 to 7018 meters, 150¡æ to 240¡æ high temperature hot dry rock was found with 2 rock layers containing radioactive element uranium.
Third is three important evidence about paleoclimate changing rules in the Cretaceous period. It¡¯s the first time in the world to have a clear picture of Cretaceous period (145 million to 65 million years ago). It¡¯s the first time in the world to reappear climate change history in Cretaceous period and discover carbon dioxide caused by volcanic eruption will lead to dramatic climate change.
Fourth is making big progress in geological research. They have built a standard profile-¡°Golden Pillar¡± of Songliao Basin, constituted an evolving mechanism for the Basin and proposed a new concept that sea evasion may rich organisms in the bottom of the Basin.

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