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 Geothermal Power Generation: Hot Dry Rock in Hainan
Journalists learned from Seminar on Hot Dry Rock Area Selection, Probe and Development that a clean energy company in Hainan has successfully drilled a hot dry rock well for 66 days in Hainan by utilizing Professor Li Dewei¡¯s theory, making it the first hot dry rock well in East China.
It is said hot dry rock is the most potential geothermal energy which is clean and renewable. Its power generation rate is 5.2 times than that of photovoltaic and 3.5 times of wind power generation. Harnessing such geothermal energy could also reduce the degree of related disasters, which makes it another hot energy pursued by the world following photovoltaic and wind power generation.
Li Dewei has spent 30 years studying Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, proposing a series of hypothesis and theories, by which Li Dewei¡¯s team was guided, together with rich experience, to predict there may have large area quality hot dry rock in Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, North China and coastal area in Southeast China.
In recent 5 years, Li Dewei¡¯s research team has studied South China Sea, Leiqiong Rift Valley and its surrounding hot dry rock sources, thinking north part of Hainan and islands in South China Sea have rich hot dry rock resources. On December 28 last year, his team cooperated with a clean energy company in Hainan, drilling a hot dry rock well there for 66 days by utilizing his theories. The well was completed on March 23 this year. It¡¯s said the 185¡æ hot dry rock was discovered at a depth of 4,387 meters. It¡¯s the first parameter well in East China, indicating there is hot dry rock in East China.
When interviewed, he told the reporter that they have found out where the hot dry rock is distributed in the Leiqiong Rift Valley. The target area is within 590 km2 of Fushan Rift, 4,500 meters deep and covers an area of 98 km2, temperature being 180¡æ. They said hot dry rock resources here if dramatically developed will gradually replace fossil fuels and help build Hainan into a ¡°smoke free¡± international tourist island.
According to Sun Gengwen, expert of Recruitment Program of Global Experts and Chairman of the company, by fighting for national support and increasing input, development of hot dry rock here in Hainan will probably lead to demonstration project of hot dry rock and waste heat power generation within 5 to 10 years. A group of cutting edge technologies in hot dry rock exploration and development will also be born, contributing to a leap-forward development in renewable and clean energy development.
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