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 Geothermal Standard Technical Committee Initiated
On February 14, 2017, Geothermal Standard Technical Committee startup meeting and the first conference was convened in Beijing. Present at the meeting were Deputy Director Xiu Binglin of Energy Conservation and Technical Equipment Department, National Energy Administration, Senior Vice President Wang Zhigang of Sinopec Group, Vice President Ma Yongsheng of Sinopec Group, Academician Cao Yaofeng and Duoji of Chinese Academy of Engineering as well as Deputy Director Jiao Daqing of Science and Technology Department, Sinopec Group. Xiu Binglin and Ma Yongsheng addressed the conference respectively. General Manager Zhang Zhaoping of Sinopec Star presided over the conference.
Geothermal Standard Technical Committee (hereinafter referred to as the Committee) is a standard technical organization approved by National Energy Administration, which is responsible for formulating geothermal standards, setting up geothermal industrial systems, promoting geothermal standards, facilitating the implementation of those standards and taking part in international modification of related standards. The Committee is supervised by National Energy Administration, governed by Sinopec Group and its secretariat is located in Sinopec Star.
The conference pointed out that geothermal energy, as an integral part of new energies, would play an irreplaceable role in China¡¯s energy restructuring. Reinforcing standard geothermal development and utilization and implementing such strategy is not only required by innovation-driven development, but also an important way to achieve highly efficient geothermal development. Since 1990s, Sinopec Group has started exploring geothermal energy and the efforts have been intensified in recent years. It has led domestic geothermal development with its ¡°Xiongxian Model¡± being a role model in geothermal industry, which can be promoted, copied and brought into full play.
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