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 Hengyang to Utilize Geothermal for Heating (Cooling)
Hunan Province abounds in geothermal resource which scatters in 14 cities. On November 3, Hunan Provincial Development and Reform Commission announced its Thirteenth Five-year Plan on Hunan Geothermal Development and Utilization (hereinafter referred to as the Plan), which clearly states that 42 geothermal development and utilization projects will be launched in 14 cities in Hunan, geothermal heated and cooled area predicted to up 20.4 million m2.
In next five years, 42 projects will successively be built in 14 cities, exploiting water source heat pump, ground source heat pump, geothermal heating as well as sewage source heat pump. By doing so, surrounding residents will enjoy warmth and coolness in winter and summer.
The Plan clearly states geothermal heated and cooled area increase by 20.4 million m2 in the whole province during the thirteenth five-year period. Geothermal energy is green and environmental friendly, clean and safe, and recyclable and using such energy can remarkably reduce consumption of fossil fuels. The Plan predicts that by the year 2020 714,000 tons of standard coal could be replaced and 1.79 million tons of carbon dioxide reduced annually if the planned goals can be realized.

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