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 Geothermal Well with Highest Temperature Drilled in Iceland
(Xinhua News Agency Oslo) On September 12, Norway Statoil ASA announced that together with its Icelandic partner they have begun drilling the hottest geothermal well in the world, which in turn will enable them to research on deep and ultra high temperature geothermal power generation.
It¡¯s understood that this project is part of the ¡°IDDP¡± in Iceland, which will deepen a 2500m deep geothermal well in Reykjanes Peninsula, southwest Iceland, to 5000m deep. It¡¯s predicted that at this depth 400-500 degrees Celsius steam could be explored for effective steam turbine power generation.
The well is marked as IDDP-2 and drilling is planned to complete at the end of this year. Afterwards, the project will enter two and a half years test period to make sure the field status, geothermal well operation and power generation.
IDDP is initiated by Iceland Energy Authority and other major energy companies in Iceland to research on and develop deep ultra high temperature geothermal energy. Their partner includes Norway Statoil ASA. The IDDP-1 geothermal well was started in 2009 in northeast Iceland. It¡¯s designed to reach 4500m deep, but the well met magma at 2100m depth. Consequently, the well was stopped. Located in the middle of North Atlantic Ocean, Iceland is rich in geothermal resources thanks to its special geological structures. One third of its power comes from geothermal and 90% population enjoys geothermal heating.
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