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 Academician Cao Yaofeng: Prime Time for Geothermal Coming
(Economic Information Daily) Overuse of fossil fuels has brought us severe environmental and climate problems. It¡¯s our first priority to find alternative clean energies as we are marching into a critical period of ecological construction. At the Green Session of 2016 China Summit on Achieving SDGs, Cao Yaofeng, Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, Director of National Geothermal Center Steering Committee and former Vice President of Sinopec Group, said geothermal resource should play an outstanding role in the battle against air pollution. It is predicted that during the ¡°thirteenth five-year¡± period, geothermal would replace a total number of 72.1 million tons of standard coal and reduce 177 million tons of carbon dioxide. The prime time for geothermal energy is coming.
Cao Yaofeng added, China has experienced 30 years¡¯ rapid economic development, coming along increasingly acute environmental problems. To fight against climate change and especially widespread air pollution, we absolutely need energy restructuring and vigorous development of renewable and clean energies.
Geothermal energy needs to be concentrated more attention on. Statistics show that in 2015 China¡¯s shallow geothermal heated area has been up to 392 million m2, and middle and deep geothermal heated area 102 million m2. In total, that¡¯s 494 million m2, replacing 14.5 million tons of standard coal nationwide. Geothermal power generation is about 135 million KW, substituting 41,300 tons of standard coal. Together with geothermal used in greenhouses, aquaculture and spa, it can save over 20 million tons of standard coal. With years of geothermal development, China¡¯s geothermal utilization has been among the top in the world.
¡°Geothermal energy is clean and renewable energy which will play a bigger role in energy restructuring as well as fight against climate change and air pollution. We need to reconsider and re-position it¡±, Cao Yaofeng said, fossil fuels are still in a dominant position in today¡¯s energy structure. In the future, it will gradually shift to energies like hydropower, nuclear, geothermal, solar, biomass and ocean energy. After 2015 Paris Climate Conference, China made promises about 2030 carbon emission intensity and maximum amount. It¡¯s predicted that during the ¡°thirteenth five-year period¡±, geothermal energy will replace 72.1 million tons of standard coal and reduce 177 million tons of carbon dioxide. The golden era of geothermal energy is coming soon.
Cao Yaofeng disclosed, geothermal industry has been listed into the national ¡°thirteenth five-year¡± plan. This year, the Chinese Academy of Engineering has set up a key consulting project ¡°Strategic Study on Geothermal Industrial Planning and Layout¡±, which will initiated on June 20 this year.

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