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 Deputy Director Liu Bo of Xi’an Water Affair Bureau Inspects SGEG’s Lintong Projects

On February 25, accompanied by Deputy Director Wang Jiangfeng of Lintong New Area Management Committee, Deputy Director Liu Bo of Xi’an Water Affairs Bureau inspected SGEG’s Weishui Quxiang project in Lintong New Area. Along with them were SGEG’s Deputy Chief Engineer Han Huiqi, Manager Liu Bin and Deputy Manager Zhang Xianyu of SGEG Shaanxi Company.

At Weishui Quxiang heat central and well site, Deputy Director Liu Bo looked into water volume monitoring equipment, understood geothermal heating procedure as well as the whole process from geothermal water extraction to reinjection. He showed great interest in SGEG’s geothermal technology and appreciated the development techniques. When visiting local residents, Deputy Director Liu Bo touched the warm floor while feeling the 20 degree Celsius hot air and praised SGEG’s heating performance. He also had a friendly conversation with the homeowner, asking about the heating price and service. Everyone was happy when the homeowner answered questions with a sense of satisfaction.

At the seminar, SGEG Shaanxi Company reported geothermal development in Shaanxi and the highlight was placed on sandstone reinjection in Lingtong and the working procedure. Based on the current sandstone reinjection technology, SGEG could make sure that geothermal discharged water could be re-injected into the same tectonic unit where it was extracted in a closed circulation system. Also at the seminar, present leaders and experts had an in-depth discussion on water level monitoring and water level change.
Deputy Director Liu Bo said geothermal development and utilization that SGEG is doing right now is an emerging green industry that is friendly to the environment, which best suits national low carbon strategy. In the new circumstances of fighting against air pollution and increasing energy demand, such sustainable heating model should be greatly encouraged. He hoped SGEG could continue deepening their research on key technologies, summarize experience, strengthen publicity and bring benefits of sustainable geothermal development to more people.

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