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 SGEG Announces Major Executives Appointment
On February 24, SGEG convened a cadres¡¯ conference in its headquarters in Xiong¡¯an. There are 50 people attending the conference, including relevant managers from Sinopec Star, SGEG management executives, Department managers and provincial managers. The meeting was presided over by Liu Shiliang, Deputy General Manager of Sinopec Star and Chairman of SGEG. General Manager Zhang Zhaoping of Sinopec Star addressed the conference.
Director Wen Zhijun of Organization Department of Sinopec Star Party Committee read the conference the recommendation of Sinopec Star Party Committee to SGEG Board of Directors: Li Hongyan is recommended to be the Director and General Manager of SGEG and Wang Xiaomao is no longer the Director and General Manager of SGEG due to his age. He also read the appointment document issued by Sinopec Star Party Committee: Li Hongyan is appointed as the Deputy Party Secretary of SGEG and Wang Xiaomao is no longer the Deputy Party Secretary.
Wang Xiaomao, Li Hongyan and Gao Xiaorong all addressed the conference, showing their attitude and stance. Sinopec Star General Manager Zhang Zhaoping concluded the conference.
In his remarks, Zhang Zhaoping fully recognized Wang Xiaomao¡¯s contributions in past three years and introduced Li Hongyan to SGEG. Meanwhile, he also put up with several requirements to SGEG¡¯s development. He hoped SGEG¡¯s new management team could strengthen their confidence to make more profits and improve performance. All strengths and advantages should be utilized and potential be tapped to accomplish annual production targets. Key work should be highlighted, operational management reinforced and management level raised. Party building work should be consolidated to provide guarantee for the company¡¯s development. Zhang Zhaoping requested that the new management team must be united with greater resolution and better measures to lead all members working towards the production and operational targets and making larger contributions to better, stronger and bigger green and clean energy industry.
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