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 SGEG Fully Conveys and Implements Spirit of Sinopec Star Working Conference

On January 28, SGEG convened a video conference, conveying and implementing the spirit of Sinopec Star 2019 Working Conference and Staff Representative Conference, which was attended by SGEG management executives, heads of all departments and subsidiaries as well as employees from Administrative Office, Production and Safety Departments.

General Manager Wang Xiaomao conveyed the conference spirit and helped understand the report titled Reform and Transformation, Innovation and Development, Striving for Better, Stronger and Larger Green and Clean Energy Industry. Wang Xiaomao said SGEG should hold tight the concept of “being better, stronger and larger” and be guided by Sinopec Star “One-Two-Three-Four” Strategy to keep on the development track of “high quality, profitable and sustainable”. In the meantime, SGEG needs to be hard on execution, firm their confidence and embrace challenges so as to fight for the completion of annual targets.
Party Secretary Gao Xiaorong made work arrangements on how to implement the spirit by proposing five requirements. First, annual targets should be broken down as soon as possible with concrete plans to make sure all missions accomplished. Second, reform, innovation and cooperation should be strengthened with quality and efficiency improvement being emphasized. Third, SGEG’s “two three-year” plan and “two ten-year” plan should be formulated combined with Sinopec Star’s strategic plan. Fourth is to consolidate management basis and promote sustained development. Fifth is to clarify annual targets of party building work, greatly push forward every work concerning party building and make preparations for party building working conference.
The meeting also made arrangements in terms of heating work during Spring Festival, stability maintenance and site visit.


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