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 SGEG Chairman Liu Shiliang Greets Front Line Employees

From January 15-16, 2019, Liu Shiliang, Deputy General Manager and Chairman of SGEG, came to SGEG Hebei and Shandong Company, greeting front line employees, advocating the spirit of Sinopec Star First Party Congress and guiding the practice of Sinopec Star “One-Two-Three-Four” Strategy.
He was accompanied by Sinopec Star Chief Safety Office Yan Bin and Director Zhao Zhong of Safety and Environmental Protection Department, General Manger Wang Xiaomao and Chief Geologist Guo Shiyan of SGEG.
Chairman Liu Shiliang successively visited Xiongxian and Gucheng of Hebei, Laoling and Shanghe of Shandong. Everywhere he went, Chairman shook hands with employees on duty, and brought new year greetings, wishes and presents with him.

He repeatedly emphasized that we must fight a decisive battle of preventing risks, requiring all employees to be strict with themselves in terms of discipline to guarantee safe and sound heating in Spring Festival. All employees he met were committed to fulfilling their responsibilities during the Festival and completing the heating task.

During his stay in Shandong, Chairman Liu Shiliang had a seminar with Shandong Company, approving their achievements in the past year and proposed six requirements for SGEG.
First, SGEG needs to fully promote practicing the spirit of Sinopec Star First Party Congress, raise the development quality with real actions and fight for accomplishments of annual targets, with a clearer attitude, more resolution, and more pragmatic working style. Second, main efforts and attention should be used in optimizing resource, selecting market, choosing projects and improving techniques as well as raising profitability. Third is to actively adjust Sinopec Group’s management and control model, and try to make compliance and profit raise a reality. Fourth is to integrate into local fight against air pollution, energy conservation and emission reduction, endeavoring to win local government subsidy. Fifth is to fight well the uphill battle of reform and innovation, and realize the goal of “three productions”, production of profit, talents and experience. Sixth is to hold tight the awareness of bottom line and red line, keeping HSSE management in mind and practicing it in daily work.

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