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 SGEG Shaanxi Company has Staff Meeting

On January 3, 2019, SGEG Shaanxi Company had its staff meeting, which was presided over by SGEG’s Party Secretary Gao Xiaorong and attended by General Manager Wangxiao, Deputy General Manager Xiang You and Deputy Chief Engineer Han Huiqi.

Manager Xiao Hong of Human Resource Department announced the appointment. Liu Bin was appointed as Manager of Shaanxi Company, Zhang Xianyu Deputy Manager. Gao Xiaorong is no longer the manager of Shaanxi Company and Zhou Guangxin no longer the executive deputy manager. Zhou shall be appointed elsewhere.
Gao Xiaorong briefly went through Shaanxi’s development in recent years by saying that the outgoing three years have witnessed sincere unity of management executives, employees’ cohesiveness and good working environment. The Company basically completed its annual targets. Operational targets have risen steadily, reaching a new high and presenting a good momentum. First, historic breakthroughs have been made in central market expansion; second, relations with local governments have been straightened out and publicity being strengthened; third, basic management has been greatly improved, sandstone reinjection being continuously progressed and R&D work making accomplishments; fourth is to partially solve some remaining problems. He detailedly analyzed problems faced by Shaanxi Company and proposed three suggestions for the new management team. First, the new management team needs to maintain the untied and progressive development atmosphere, hold tight the spirit of “putting fighters first”, clarify development targets, improve reinjection rate, production capacity utilization rate and finally make contributions to both quality and profit raise. Second is the new management team should handle the relationship with local governments, customers and employees in a right way to create harmonious development environment. Third is the new management team should emancipate their thoughts and keep up with the times. All members of Shaanxi Company need to firm their development confidence, support the new management team and be united to contribute to greater development of Shaanxi Company.
Liu Bin, the new manager of Shaanxi Company delivered a speech showing his resolution.
Wang Xiaomao proposed new requirements for the new management team and Shaanxi Company.
First is to raise political stance, firm the confidence to win and try to reinforce the company’s competitiveness. All members need to center on Sinopec Star “one-two-three-four” strategy, focus on being better, stronger and larger, and push geothermal plus green and clean energy industry towards the direction of higher quality and profits as well as optimized structure, by learning the spirit of the 18th and 19th National Congress of Communist Party of China, and being armed with Xi Jinping thought on socialism with Chinese characteristics for a new era, aiming to build a leading company of geothermal development alongside the “One Belt and One Road”.
Second, highly efficient development of Shaanxi Company needs to be made. All members need to realize the importance of high quality sustainable development. With high sense of responsibility and mission, Shaanxi Company must fill in the gap as soon as possible, precisely predict the resource and raise the awareness of market expansion. Scientific and technological research and development should be innovated, development risks prevented and sustainability continuously enhanced.
Third, Shaanxi Company should well utilize its advantages of good resource, urgent need of developing clean heating to transform the company from an investment type to a management type, so as to realize the goal of good assets, healthy financial situation, high ROI rate, sustainability and building an internationally first-class geothermal clean energy development company. By doing so, it may lead geothermal development alongside the “One Belt and One Road”, fully presenting Shaanxi Company.
Fourth, strive to build a new type of management team that is political eligible, with fine working style and manners, united and coordinated as well as pragmatic and progressive.
Finally, Wang Xiaomao said, at the beginning of the new year, he hoped everyone could keep going and be overwhelmed by confidence and strength to pursue new development, write new chapters and accomplish new results, presenting new posture, new working style, new image as well.

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