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 SGEG Conveys Spirit of Sinopec Star First Party Convention

On December 24, 2018, SGEG convened a meeting to study and implement spirits of Sinopec Star first Party Convention. Party Secretary Gao Xiaorong led all executives and managers in learning the report delivered by Sinopec Star Party Secretary Dang Liqiang on Focus on Being Better, Stronger and Larger, Transform Political Strength and Strive for Quality Development in New Era. The report is quite inspiring and encouraging.

Gao Xiaorong made a pep talk at the meeting, motivating all members to move, deeply understand the theme and spirit of the Convention and follow the strategic plan, which is to set one vision of building an internationally known green and clean energy company, strengthen two concepts of making the company better, stronger and larger and quality, profitable and sustainable, foster three business components of geothermal utilization, natural gas utilization and solar energy and other environment friendly industries and implement four strategies of low carbon, reform and innovation, cooperation and win-win, and strict governance of the Party. Gao Xiaorong asked all attendees to be motivated, guided, pushed forward by the Convention’s spirit, practicing the spirit in real actions and writing a new chapter in 2019.
Wang Xiaomao, General Manager and Deputy Party Secretary of SGEG, emphasized that all employees should be guided by the “one-two-three-four” strategy proposed by Sinopec Star and fulfill it in daily work. Both quality system and talent strategy should be attached equal importance. Faced with much tougher economic conditions in 2019, all need to make enough preparations for outside challenges and meet requirements set by the Central Government for steady economic development. Reforms should be continuously and entirely deepened to secure sustainable and stable development of geothermal industry. Corporate governance and fine management have to be improved based on Sinopec Group’s requests. All employees must be united to promote mixed ownership reform, consolidate development model, and raise profitability, contributing to an internationally known green and clean energy company.

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