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 Dang Liqiang inspected Sinopec Star Owned Companies in Shaanxi

On December 6 and 7, Party Secretary Dang Liqiang of Sinopec Star inspected Sinopec Star owned companies in Shaanxi. He visited employees at front line and understood on-site management, production and operation as well as party building work.

When inspecting SGE, Dang Liqiang visited 2 heat centrals and got to know heat central working principle, geothermal development and utilization, geothermal reinjection as well as maintenance in winter by listening to introductions. He also walked into employees’ offices and talked and shook hands with employees to show warmth and care of the party. Care and attention showed by a superior party organization significantly encouraged people’s morale and led to everyone’s determination to secure a smooth and safe heating season, serve tens of thousands of households and contribute to air pollution treatment.
After listening to five companies’ reports in Shaanxi, Dang Liqiang fully approved their efforts and accomplishments. In the meantime, he put up with five requirements: first to position precisely to re-firm the confidence; second to decide scientifically to pursue development; third to consolidate “three bases” to improve culture; fourth to fulfill duties to govern with honesty and integrity; fifth to reinforce party building in an all round way and stricter manner.
During his stay in Shaanxi, Dang Liqiang also went to construction site of Xinyuan Company and solar photovoltaic power generation project in Baishui, Weinan of Zhongdi Company.

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